Terms and Conditions

Refunds - All payments via this site go into your on-line meals account. This account will only be charged at the point where a meal is ordered for your child(ren). If you have ordered a meal but your child(ren) is absent please log in and cancel the meal (by 9.30 on the day).  However if you do not cancel the meal, a refund is at the discretion of the school. Please contact your school to ascertain the policy of cancelling meals.

Privacy - This site contains records of your name, your child(ren)’s names and your email address. No other information is held by this site. All transaction records will be held within either SagePay or WorldPay which will contain a record of your card details – this does NOT include a security number and will only be viewed in the event of an investigation or refund. All transactions take place on an SSL encrypted connection and as such are safe and secure at all points. Your address, email address and any other item of personal information will NOT be passed on to any 3rd party outside of this site, your bank and either WorldPay or SagePay. Your address is required to ensure that the payment method you are using does indeed belong to the payee – but as stated above, these records are not stored on this site.
This site accepts 3D secure payments using the Verified by VISA, MasterCard Secure systems or Paypal. Connection to 3D secure payments are handled directly by either Worldpay or SagePay.

Additional - Orian Solutions LTD has no responsibility with regards to schools making manual changes to your meals wallet. Any issues that arise as a result of any alterations by the school should be taken up with the school. Orian Solutions does NOT have the power to re-instate any funds the school has taken from your meals wallet under most circumstances.
This site contains varying levels of access. You should not share your login information with anyone who does not require access to your account. The only time you will need to share your username is if you have had to call Orian Solutions LTD to get your password reset. In these cases, the password is NOT recorded by us and it is the responsibility of the user to keep a record of this. Those with higher levels of access are strictly prohibited from sharing their login details with anyone who does not have the same level of access as them.
All users may NOT attempt to launch a cyber-attack on our site or domain. This includes, but is not limited to; Worms, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, logic Bombs, Rootkits, Viruses, Key loggers, DOS (Denial Of Service) attacks etc. Any attempt whether successful or not, will be treated as a criminal act and the user in question will be reported to the proper authority.
The domains involved are this site, your bank, and either Sage Pay or World Pay depending on your school’s configuration.